Saturday, August 1, 2009

Castle Crashers! Collect all 4!

Below are my first contributions for the "8-bit & Beyond!" show by the Autumn Society. If you haven't played Castle Crashers yet, you really should! Specially if you own an Xbox 360. I'm not much of a modern gamer, but this game was an exception! This game is a mix of my SNES days with nice animations, great humor, and some good butt kicking action! The characters and art in the game are simple and genius! My hat goes off to Dan Paladin for creating such a wonderful game with his company, The Behemoth. Dan was also responsible for the popular Alien Hominid a few years back. There should be more people like Dan in the world making these kind of modern / old school gems! Anywho, here's my version of these awesome little butt kicking dudes. Finals will be 6"x8" on Wood, will post pics later in the week.